MIRS 2019 and the UN International Year of Indigenous Languages

2019 is the UN International Year of Indigenous Languages!

The UN International Year of Indigenous Languages is an effort dedicated to raising awareness about indigenous languages and mobilizing various groups to take coordinated action to preserve these languages. Approximately 40 percent of the estimated 6,700 languages spoken around the world are in danger of disappearing.  The fact that most of these are indigenous languages puts the cultures and knowledge systems to which they belong at risk. In addition, indigenous peoples are often isolated both politically and socially in the countries they live in, by the geographical location of their communities, their separate histories, cultures, languages and traditions.

And yet, they are not only leaders in protecting the environment, but their languages represent complex systems of knowledge and communication and should be recognized as a strategic national resource for development, peace building and reconciliation. Indigenous languages foster and promote unique local cultures and customs, and add to the rich tapestry of global cultural diversity. 

The celebration is also intended to strengthen and reinforce the many standard-setting tools adopted by the international community which include specific provisions to promote and protect languages. Read more about IYIL events around the world here: https://en.iyil2019.org/events

As part of this global celebration, MIRS 2019 will bring together researchers in Linguistics, Information Science, Learning Technologies, and more to discuss interdisciplinary research opportunities to address this pressing issue. Join us!