MIRS 2021 Keynote


Director, Duke Center for Health Informatics, Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute
Director, Applied Informatics Research, Duke Health Technology Solutions
Director, Management Masters in Clinical Informatics
Professor, Community and Family Medicine, School Of Medicine
Professor, Biometry and Biomedical Informatics

Research Professor, School of Nursing
Adjunct Professor, Fuqua School of Business
Professor Emeritus, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Duke University

Chair Emeritus, HL7; Chair US Realm; Chair Emeritus US Realm Steering Committee; HL7 Da Vinci Steering Committee; Da Vinci Steering Committee, Secretary FHIR Foundation

Distinguished Fellow ACMI

Ed Hammond has provided vision and leadership in most aspects of health informatics for over fifty years. He has been engaged in AMIA, ACMI, IMIA, HL7 International, ISO TC 215, JIC, PAHO, IADB, and various US Government activities over the years. His current research is in data visualization; realizing interoperability using HL7 FHIR®, SMART®, and CDS Hooks; app development; registries, EHRs, human metrics, and data elements. He is also committed to the concept of learning health as the primary way in which we can most effectively increase the quality and performance of health care.  He has a NCATS grant to automate and digitize the entire process in support of a single IRB for multiple site IRBS.